E-Sign Consent for OnCard Service

Effective Date: May 17, 2018

Consent. By accepting this eSign Consent for OnCard Service (“Consent”), you agree and consent to us delivering disclosures, agreements, notices, instructions, acknowledgements and any other information to you in electronic form (collectively “e-Communications”) instead of paper -- including those required by law to be written. This Consent applies to communications for your OnCard accounts, debit cards, the OnCard website and the OnCard mobile app (collectively the “OnCard Service” or “Service”). You also agree that electronic records of the Service, and your electronic instructions to us using the Service (e.g., authorizing transfers to fund cards), shall have the same authority as if signed by hand and delivered by paper. This Consent extends to all OnCard accounts and cards you may establish in the future, including any secondary or dependent cards. We encourage you to save a copy of this Consent.

Paper Copies. We do not charge for electronic delivery. You may request a paper copy of any specific electronic e-Communication by calling Customer Service at (888) 202-0716. We do not charge for paper copies.

Updating Contact Information. You must advise us of any change in your email address, mobile telephone number, mobile device, or postal address for using the OnCard Service. To do so, call Customer Service at (888) 202-0716. NOTE: changing that information for other bank services will not automatically also change that information for the OnCard Service, or vice versa.

Withdrawing Consent. You may withdraw this Consent at any time by calling our Customer Service at (888) 202-0716 with your name, address and card number. However, because e-Communications are essential for the Service, we can terminate your OnCard Service upon you withdrawing this Consent. This Consent for the OnCard Service is in addition to any consent for electronic delivery you may have given for other services. Canceling such other consents for other services will not automatically cancel this Consent (or vice versa).

System Requirements. You hereby confirm and represent to us that you: (1) have the required system described below, and (2) have verified your hardware and software, and your ability to access, view and print or electronically save (including taking screenshots) e-Communications. If you are not able to access, view and print or save e-Communications, do not activate your Service.

To use the OnCard Service and receive e-Communications: you must be enrolled in the Service and activate your account via our OnCard website or mobile app; your computer and/or mobile device must have installed commonly accepted and recently updated software for reading and saving PDF and HTML documents; you must be connected to the Service via your internet service provider or mobile data service provider; your computer or mobile device must use a commonly accepted and recently updated version of an HTML compliant web browser supporting Transport Layer Security (“TLS”) encryption; you must have and keep us updated with your valid, active email address; and you must be able to connect to websites via hyperlinks in email. You must regularly download and install updates to your software, including your computer’s and mobile device’s operating systems, web browsers and PDF readers. To use the Service via our mobile channel, you must download and install our OnCard mobile app to your mobile device, regularly install updates to the mobile app, enroll your mobile device and mobile telephone number in the Service, and have your mobile device enabled for SMS text messaging. We may deny service if security features of your software, computer or mobile device are not updated or are disabled or modified (e.g., “jail broken”), or if you use a disposable mobile device (e.g., “burner”).

Types of Electronic e-Communication. Permissible electronic delivery by us includes by: (a) sending email messages, (b) attaching PDF documents to emails, (c) including hyperlinks or instructions within emails for navigating to documents posted online, (d) sending SMS text message to any mobile device telephone number you have provided to us for banking services, (e) displaying the e-Communication on screen within the Service’s website or our mobile app, including any message center therein, (f) placing a message on any periodic statement you have agreed to receive electronically, (g) using any other electronic delivery means you have consented to elsewhere, or (h) using any other commercially reasonable means of electronic delivery that is within the system requirements described above. All e-Communications are deemed “delivered” upon electronically sending or posting by us.

Bank. In this Consent, “we,” “us” and “our” mean Zions Bancorporation, National Association, doing business under division trade names including Zions Bank, Amegy Bank, California Bank & Trust, National Bank of Arizona, Nevada State Bank, Vectra Bank, The Commerce Bank of Washington and The Commerce Bank of Oregon.